Vices Global Charities SMEs Credit Scheme

SMEs Credit Scheme

Our SMEs Program is an effective strategy for alleviating poverty and empowering women and youths in their entrepreneurial journey.  This is a bid to promote small-scale entrepreneurship by extending credit to the most impoverished, who would normally not have access to traditional banking and lending institutions. Our SMEs Grants uses the idea of group lending, community participation. Micro-credit has changed the lives of many poor people enabling them to lift themselves out of extreme poverty that exists in the developing countries.


Women are major recipients of our SMEs Grants because they are a better risk taker, they have higher repayment rate and are more responsible with the money. Studies have shown that women are more interested and therefore more likely to improve the lives of their children which includes nutrition, health and education. Data also suggests that lending to women has a significant increase in food and non-food expenditures per household suggesting that lending to women increases the health and well being of the entire family.

“I learned how to save money, how to stay with people, share, love, how to handle problems in my home and elsewhere. All this was because of Vicez Global Charities.”
Mrs. Adaku Chioma
Vicez SMEs Credit Scheme