A call for CSOs to Step up and lead

A call for CSOs to Step up and lead

The Founder of Vicez Global Charities, Dr. Ijeoma Victoria Ehieze, has appealed to all Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), to step up and reach our rural communities of the states in different countries and educate on how to avoid the spread of the virus. Luckily. Some states like Imo State and Anambra and others in Nigeria have not reported any infected person. But we urge the leadership not to be complacent. We encourage all states to be ready and plan as though it’s there.

CSOs and NGOs, the time has Come to Show Leadership, Fill the Gaps and help the Country Leaders manage this Pandemic and save lives.

A global call to serve has presented itself now for all Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and all non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Isn’t this that moment we must show ourselves worthy of trust by our people. This could very well be an opportunity to practice those visions of making the world a better place. CSOs are frequently referred to as the last hope of the common man. Being there to give that message of Hope at this time is priceless. Over the years, you’ve done for the communities what the governments of the world could not do for their people. But you’ve braved it all and did across the continents, marvelous live changing deeds, with no expectation of praise and exultation. Hospitals, water boreholes, training, schools, roads, community projects, have been executed to change lives and communities despite all odds. That is part of our calling and assignments.

I urge us, therefore, to rise and show leadership and collaborate with respective Federal, State, and Local agencies to do all that is needed to stop the spread of this deadly virus to our communities, find and provide supplies for our healthcare providers and hospitals, gather and provide information to our vulnerable citizens with no access to media, to promote amongst our people the concept of Social Distancing, frequent handwash, etc to avoid spreading the virus; to work with the governmental agencies, community leaders, and all, to properly identify adequate supplies in preparation for this virus and link our people and healthcare providers to the team responsible for supplies. The world youths, women, infants, children, disabled, men and all, are waiting to be properly guided. The CSOs are the only group with no bias, that can step up to the occasion now.
Let’s all do this before things get out of hand.

Dr. Ijeoma Victoria Ehieze
Executive Director and Co-Founder,
Vicez Global Charities Inc.
(A beacon of light in times of need)

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