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Water Bole hole project in Africa - Fight Diarrhoeal Disease

Women and Children

Women in third world countries are often loaded with responsibilities to their children. Research studies showed that women are the ones who give welfare and even provide the financial and material needs to their families. Despite modernization, it only seemed to have increased hardships on women. To top it all, they face more legal, social and economic constraints in the society they live in.

Vicez Global Charities Inc. stands with all the women in developing countries. Their contribution in trade, economy and agriculture are often unseen. To give balance of opportunities to women, we provide the following:

  • micro credit to women for livelihood
  • lend minimum or no interest rate for women in poverty
  • encouragement of women leaders
  • training / economic empowerment of women in villages in Africa

Women will have chances of giving education to their children. Most of all, financial assistance will give women equal access to freedom in education, industry and trade.

Women is said to represent 70 percent of the world's poor, and two third of those who are not taught to read or write. Women suffer disproportionately. women in rural areas commonly lack access to education, credit, land ownership, and participation in family and community decision making. This is especially true in rural areas. It suggests that transforming the lives of women may be a key to eliminate poverty and build a more and peaceful world.

Urban Housing

Another project of VGC is Urban Housing. Many families are in extreme living conditions. Some even note that the condition of the deprived families in developing countries do not even compare to the situation of the least fortunate in developed countries.

A decent housing for the underprivileged will give dignity to families and especially to their children. Our concern for these people will not only construct structures, but we are establishing trust in the human ability to care for another. Let's make a move now. A home for every family is not a distant dream if we only act today.

Malaria Prevention

The majority of victims of malaria are children from Sub-Saharan Africa. Malaria is said to be caused by poverty. Its presence will continually mean that the economy is struggling. This health issue keeps dragging the focus of the African society. While other organizations are occupied at providing medicines to areas infested by malaria, we thought of initiating prevention methods such as providing the following:

  • Mosquito nets
  • Drainage of mosquito bearing ponds
  • Adequate culverts in rural areas to avoid flood
  • Clean Drinking water through providing boreholes and tanks for villages

Along with other organizations who are fiercely engaged in prevention and treatment, we will find a way out from the threats of malaria. Soon the African people will have longer life spans and will live a healthier life.

Schools for Disabled Persons

VGC recognizes the rights of disabled persons. They are often unnoticed and disregarded especially in third world countries. Our campaigns for awareness of different disabilities will hopefully give voice to disabled persons. Moreover, we are determined at building rural and urban schools designed to accommodate handicapped and disabled persons. Every school will have the following:

  • Seminars / training of teachers on accommodating disabled students
  • Admission and accommodation of disabled students
  • Trained counselors in schools to help children build self esteem
  • Sensitivity training for teachers on handicapped students

Just like any human being, they need to be equipped with a consciousness of the value of their existence and enjoy first-hand of the substance of life. More than anybody else, they have to be readied for the challenges of living.

The school in the areas in Mbano and other communities in Imo State etc. are in such a horrible condition not conducive for learning. The children suffer so much, walking to and from school, no lunches offered to students while in school, run several errands for the teachers, and get corporal punishment in schools that don't have conducive environments for educational accomplishment.

  1. School Reconstruction Program
    The organization will be involved in reconstructing badly dilapidated schools in the rural areas, provide teacher's conference rooms and teacher's quarters, and provide motor cycles for teachers to help reduce problems. Where learning takes place is a key factor in getting the level of education they need. An encouraging environment will fuel a child's desire to learn more. With this program, we can give the children better chances in alleviating their lifestyle with quality education.

  2. School Lunches Program
    In this program, we will provide nutrition balanced snacks for breakfast and good lunches to students in rural areas. With proper nutrition, children can better absorb what is taught in school. A healthy body will fuel a healthy mind.