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The vision of Vicez Global Charities Inc. (VGC) is to eradicate poverty in Africa and other third world countries and bring hope to the less privileged. We dream to see a world where people have a dignified living condition; where education is open to everyone, especially to children; where women are proud of being equal contributors in creating a just, humane and peaceful society.

These can be achieved if we believe in the capability of any human person to create changes. Together, we can help them build their own nation. There is always hope as long as we keep our faith in the goodness of every heart. In time, in any corners of the world, we will find healthy and economically empowered people. All these, we must start today. Right here.

Mission Statement

The mission of VGC, a charitable tax exempt 501 (c)(3) organization is to help alleviate poverty and reduce injustice by providing micro credits to women for petty trading, agriculture and education of their children; help reduce malaria diseases by providing mosquito nets, build good drainage system to eliminate mosquito breading ponds; help ignite within our youth the burning desire to seek knowledge and education by bridging the gap in science and mathematics and providing after school tutorials from middle to high school students ; help provide training to other charitable organization to equip them with necessary resources needed to make sustainable improvements for the people they serve; and help provide hope to the disabled.