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Literacy Programs

We have to battle multiple issues at a time when we speak about education. The political instability in Africa and its various renegades have dragged its development. Many families are dislocated by violence and corruption. Schools are burned and sources of family living are destroyed. Women and children are the most vulnerable to the repression of human rights.

Educating its people will help them fight back against oppression. Vicez Global Charities Inc. responds with a literacy mission which centers on the following:

Education of Youth in Science and Mathematics

We believe in the assumption that science and mathematics education can help in the economic development of a country. Although this has to be contested, we still live up to the thought that children who learn especially in these areas will someday become resources of great socio-economic changes in their country. We build-up their capacity to contribute in poverty reduction and self-reliance in the future.

In consequence, we give after-school tutorials to students in science and mathematics. Scholarship programs for girls and women in technical areas are also being offered to various areas in Africa. Be part of this crusade of opening minds of the youth.

Introduction to Sex Education to Prevent AIDS

Millions of children in Sub-Saharan Africa have been orphaned by AIDS. Its toll has been steadily rising each year. This epidemic which implodes disastrously affects the economy and its people. The pervasive illness can be greatly reduced by external help.

VGC commits to disseminating awareness about AIDS. We teach the youth of the basic information about aids especially in prevention and treatment. We broadcast preventive materials and send mentors to discuss the nature of the disease.

Mini Library for Children

We envision a library for children especially in remote areas. This is a way of preparing children to formal education, at the same time, we give them a venue to know more about the world they live in. We can supply them with materials to learn about their identity.

With books, we can be secured of a brighter future for this children. In time, we hope to transform a people who builds nations with great leaders. This we can start working on through a mini library for children.

School Bus Program for Children

Many families in Africa are hesitant to send their children to school. Since most of them walk to get to school, children have become preys of kidnappers. Parents pay for the ransom. After the incident, some leave the country. Others resort to keeping their children at home. Active criminal activity in the area is indiscriminate and anyone can be a victim. While the pursuit for education is increasingly stronger, we must find a way to mitigate their fears of going to school.


One way is providing school buses to children. Many will be encouraged to go to school. With your support, their right to education is reassured in the midst of a fractured society.


Training to benefit other NGOs

VGC values the existence of NGOs in stimulating development. The raging issues which beset Africa cannot be solved by a single organization. It needs a massive force of conscious groups and individuals in turning over a new leaf of hope for the young generation.

We give training to any member of NGOs, foundation on accountability and registration for non-profit corporations. With knowledge and proper understanding of the problems at hand, we can repair and be proud of this old civilization.

Studies of the USAID Center of 2005 showed that forty percent of school-aged children in Africa do not attend primary school and there are still 46 million school-aged children who have not stepped into a classroom. We can pool together resources in bringing children and youths to school. Let's make a move today. To donate to the following projects above, please see the donations page of this website.