Know the details of our calendar of events. You can be part of our activities in fund raising, preparation for the academic materials which will be sent to our mission area, and a lot more
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Our mission can only be obtained by your generous support. With your help, more women and children can finally live a better life. To these children, you are giving them the only treasure in life that can't be taken away - it is education. To these women, you are promoting their self-worth and rights. All donations are tax deductible. We welcome various types of donations:


  • Corporate giving
  • Personal / Individual giving
  • Volunteering
  • Donations of cars, school buses, and carrier trucks
  • Medical suppliers
  • Laptops, computers, printers, copiers etc
  • Donation of books for libraries
  • Personnel donations
  • Boreholes for water purification
  • Educational games and software


If you have questions regarding other donation methods, send us a message or contact us today at - 832-244-3418.